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  • 5.3l manual frame juice press

    5.3l stainless steel fruit press ''Red Apple''

    The fruit press was designed to meet the expectations of all organic food lovers! It is a very practical tool that will speed up juice extraction. You can use it to make homemade preserves quicker or to speed up the production of wine. This device will...

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  • Stainless steel mortar and pestle set

    Stainless steel mortar and pestle set

    The stainless steel mortar and pestle set is made of high quality material that is not only rustproof, but also resistant to corrosion and damage. It can be used with different kinds of herbs and spices. It won't get damaged even if used with oil. You...

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  • chimney fire starter chimney starter bbq

    BBQ, Charcoal Chimney Starter

    The charcoal chimney starter is an innovative tool for avid barbecue lovers. This super convenient grilling accessory allows you to easily add burning charcoal or briquettes. Now you don’t need to use unhealthy self-igniting liquids to start the...

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  • hog rings pliers with pliers

    Hog ring pliers, meat crimper + 60 hog rings

    The hog ring pliers are a simple and very efficient tool that is extremely useful in meat production. If you produce sausages or hams on your own, it is a must have! You can use it at home or in the professional kitchen. The pliers enable to maintain the...

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  • meat, steak tenderizer 56 blades meat, steak tenderizer 56 needles

    Meat, steak tenderizer with safety lock, 56 spikes

    Meat and steak tenderizer with safety lock and 56 stainless steel blades. The meat tenderizer is an ideal device for both professionals and beginners . It reduces the time of preparing meat by up to 50%. Its softening the meat with a lancing device...

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  • curved cleaning brush

    Demijohn cleaning brush, curved 71cm

    The demijohn cleaning brush easily reaches every part of a carboy. Thanks to its curved shape, it does not scratch the inside of the container. It is really handy and easy to use and store. The bristles of the washer provide you with perfect cleaning...

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  • demijohn bottle cleaning brush

    Demijohn cleaning brush 92cm

    The demijohn cleaning brush is made for cleaning carboys used for in-home fermentation of beverages such as beer and wine. Despite its relatively small size, it is suitable even for big demijohns. The brush is 92 cm long and its washer has a diameter of...

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