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Beer Wine & Spirits making

  • siberian birch activated carbon 10kg for filtration

    Siberian Birch Activated Carbon - 10kg

    The Siberian Birch Activated Carbon will help you correct the flavour and aroma of drinking water and spirits. The carbon purifies liquids. It features a highly porous structure that boosts its absorbing qualities. The substance is able to limit...

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  • 5.3l manual frame juice press

    5.3l stainless steel fruit press ''Red Apple''

    The fruit press was designed to meet the expectations of all organic food lovers! It is a very practical tool that will speed up juice extraction. You can use it to make homemade preserves quicker or to speed up the production of wine. This device will...

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  • 12l distiller, still 12l pressure cooker, distiller

    2 in1 Distiller & Pressure Cooker 12L

    A universal device with the function of distiller and pressure cooker with a capacity of 12 L. It will provide clean distillation and quick cooking. Thanks to the cooler included in the set, it is perfect for distilling water and other chemical compounds...

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  • table top bottle capper

    ​Tabletop bottle capper "2000" with blockade

    The tabletop bottle capper allows you to cap your bottles quickly and efficiently. It provides hermetic seal for your bottles and therefore it is perfect for capping homemade beer, wine and other drinks. It is a very useful tool for each and every fan of...

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  • Glass wine demijohn in wicker basket 10L

    10 L Glass demijohn in wicker basket

    The 10-litre demijohn in a wicker basket is made for wine, beer and mead fermentation. It is sold in a robust wicker basket that looks stunning and allows you to easily move the carboy. The glass demijohn is made of thick and sturdy glass that can serve...

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  • brewing starer kit set brewing starer kit extract

    Micro Brewery "ECO"2 - starter kit

    The brewing starter kit can help you make your own beer at home! Thanks to it, you can become a real craft beer maker. The kit is perfect for everyone who wants to enjoy the homemade beer. It is a full brewery kit that contains everything you need to...

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  • Metal twin lever corker ''Basic'' Metal twin lever wine bottle corker ''Basic''

    Metal twin lever corker ''Basic''

    The metal twin lever corker Basic is an indispensable gadget that will make wine bottling easy and effortless. Thanks to this corker you will seal wine bottles in just a few seconds. Thanks to its well-though design, it requires less force than regular...

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  • wine making kit, set

    Wine making kit 25L

    The winemaking starter kit is an ideal gift idea for all wine connoisseurs. It contains necessary equipment needed in order to make homemade wine. Inside the box you will find reusable parts such as a fermentation container, tubes as well as some...

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  • apple cutter, crusher

    Apple crusher - Cutter 49x14cm

    The apple crusher is an indispensable kitchen gadget for all those who produce apple and pear cider or make homemade apple puree. The tool can be used to crush apple and other hard fruits. It is made of stainless steel that is both durable and safe for...

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  • Copper prismatic springs 0.5L Copper prismatic springs for filtration

    Copper prismatic springs 0.5L

    The copper prismatic springs are used in distillation columns to maximize the surface of the heat exchange. The springs are made of high quality copper, which offers high thermal efficiency and therefore reduces the consumption of energy during the...

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  • fermentation bucket container white

    ​Fermentation bucket 30l with lid and tap, white

    The fermentation bucket with a tap is useful at the initial stage of wine production. It is made of high resistance material that is approved for food contact. The bucket is made of white plastic that does not react with colourful liquids and does not...

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