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  • table top bottle capper

    ​Tabletop bottle capper "2000" with blockade

    The tabletop bottle capper allows you to cap your bottles quickly and efficiently. It provides hermetic seal for your bottles and therefore it is perfect for capping homemade beer, wine and other drinks. It is a very useful tool for each and every fan of...

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  • apple cutter, crusher

    Apple crusher - Cutter 49x14cm

    The apple crusher is an indispensable kitchen gadget for all those who produce apple and pear cider or make homemade apple puree. The tool can be used to crush apple and other hard fruits. It is made of stainless steel that is both durable and safe for...

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  • Natural tapered cork fi 16-21mm, 100pcs.

    Natural tapered cork Ø16/21mm, 100pcs.

    The natural tapered cork can help you seal your homemade wine. It can also serve as a replacement cork for many popular wine bottles. It fits the majority of the 0.75 l glass wine bottles with a 16/21 mm opening, including green, brown and white ones...

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  • natural tapered cork for bottles

    Natural tapered cork Ø14/19mm 100pcs.

    The natural tapered cork plugs are essential if you make your own wine. The plugs are made of 100% natural wood and are suitable for most wine bottles available on the market. They fit all wine glass bottles with the neck diameter of 14-19 mm. The...

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  • curved cleaning brush

    Demijohn cleaning brush, curved 71cm

    The demijohn cleaning brush easily reaches every part of a carboy. Thanks to its curved shape, it does not scratch the inside of the container. It is really handy and easy to use and store. The bristles of the washer provide you with perfect cleaning...

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  • demijohn bottle cleaning brush

    Demijohn cleaning brush 92cm

    The demijohn cleaning brush is made for cleaning carboys used for in-home fermentation of beverages such as beer and wine. Despite its relatively small size, it is suitable even for big demijohns. The brush is 92 cm long and its washer has a diameter of...

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  • hammer bottle capper

    Hammer bottle capper

    The hammer capper is a very cheap and highly efficient solution to cap your glass bottles. This handy and compact tool is aimed at all amateurs of winemaking and homebrewing. The hammer capper provides a great seal for drinks such as beer, wine, soda,...

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  • waiter corkscrew waiter corkscrew with foil cutter

    ​Waiter corkscrew with foil cutter

    The waiter corkscrew is one of the most important of all sommelier accessories. It is extremely easy to use so you need to have it at home! It is indispensable during home parties, wine tastings and other celebrations. It is faster in use then popular...

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  • nylon straining filtration bag 6l

    ​Nylon straining bag for 6l frame press

    The straining bag is intended to be used by all winemakers having a 6-litre frame press. It is made of strong and elastic nylon material that is resistant to damages and safe for food contact. Its meshy structure, makes it a perfect choice for fruit...

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  • silver, winged Corkscrew winged Corkscrew

    ​Winged Corkscrew, silver colour

    The winged corkscrew is a useful gadget that will save you from troubles while opening your favourite bottle of wine or beer. It is a multifunctional opener designed to open beer and wine bottles in a few seconds. The sharp worm offers easy pulling out...

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