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Hydrometer, Multimeter, Vinometer

  • ​Hydrometer with potential alcohol scale 20.5 cm

    ​Hydrometer with potential alcohol scale 20.5cm

    Product characteristics: The main elements of the meter are: a test tube and a meter with a properly marked scale from 0 to 95% alcohol volume. These devices are scaled at 20 - 21 ° C. The alcohol volume reading is read directly without any...

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  • vinometer, multimeter saccharometer

    Vinometer / Saccharometer

    The vinometer is used to determine the level of sugar in liquid  to estimate its alcohol content. It is a very convenient way to measure sugar levels in a beverage. This 2-piece set is made of glass and contains the saccharometer in a form of a...

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  • small hydrometer with potential alcohol scale

    ​Hydrometer with potential alcohol scale, small

    Hydrometer with potential alcohol scale, small The hydrometer with potential alcohol scale is used to measure the alcohol content in pure alcohols such as vodka, spirit, and moonshine. It can be used only with beverages that are sugar and tannis free...

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