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Starter kits

  • brewing starer kit set brewing starer kit extract

    Micro Brewery "ECO"2 - Brewing starter kit

    The brewing starter kit can help you make your own beer at home! Thanks to it, you can become a real craft beer maker. The kit is perfect for everyone who wants to enjoy the homemade beer. It is a full brewery kit that contains everything you need to...

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  • wine making kit, set

    Wine making kit 25L

    The winemaking starter kit is an ideal gift idea for all wine connoisseurs. It contains necessary equipment needed in order to make homemade wine. Inside the box you will find reusable parts such as a fermentation container, tubes as well as some...

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  • cider making kit 20l

    Cider making starter kit 20 l

    The cider making starter kit is perfect for all beginners that would like to prepare cider on their own. The kit makes fermenting cider at home easy and trouble-free. It has everything that you need to prepare 20 l of bubbly cider. Now, you don’t...

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