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Home made Polish kielbasa recipe

Home made Polish kielbasa recipe

Posted by Oskar on 24th Nov 2021

This is a great home made sausage recipe, it is not difficult to make so if this is your first time making home made sausages then this recipe is for you! If you do not own a sausage stuffer yet or you need some sausage casings make sure to check out our store!

Ingredients needed:

1kg of non-sinewy, lean pork

1kg of non-sinewy, fatty pork

30g of salt mixed 50/50 with curing salt

4g of sugar

4g of black pepper 

2g of marjoram

1 clove of garlic


Cut the meat finely removing the membranes, add your salt sifted through a sieve, mix everything well together and pat it down, then leave for 24-48 hours in a refrigerator. After those 2 days to the meat add your spices, finely chopped garlic clove, and sugar. Mix it together until your mixture becomes sticky. Now you can start filling your pork intestines with the sausage meat and make sure that they are filled in tightly, split your sausages with twisting them making into separate sausages. You can get rid of the air by using a thin needle to poke it out of the sausage. Now you can smoke your sausages on cold smoke for a few days until they get light brown in colour. From 1kg of raw sausage you should'nt get more than 0,80kg of the finished product, so if you are getting more than that after smoking your sausages I recommend hanging the sausages loosely in a cool and airy room and let it dry for some time, After that your sausages are done!