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homemade herb style bacon

homemade herb style bacon

This is a great recipe for homemade long smoked bacon that has a little herbal twist to it and it is great so i recommend you trying it!

Ingredients needed: 

5kg of pork bacon 

300g of curing salt 

15g of pepper

5g of marjoram

10g of allspice

1 spoon of sage

1 spoon of basil 

1 spoon of mint 


Cut the bacon into rectangles of measurements 25 x 10-15cm and place it in some kind of a dish, I recommend putting it into some sort of a stoneware vessel and season your bacon with the ingredients you have, 200g of curing salt, and all the other herbs and seasonings and do it in a way that the first piece of bacon is lying skin down and the next one skin to the top etc. Leave your bacon for 4 days in a cool room or fridge. After that time you can mix the bacon around, add the rest of the salt and leave it for another 6 days mixing it around some time during those 6 days. After those 6 days take out your bacon, rinse it with water and then make the twine loops or use "s" hooks and dry for 24 hours. Then you can smoke it for 10-15 days with cold smoke (3-6 hours each day), after that time your bacon is ready to eat. Enjoy!

16th Dec 2021 Oskar

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