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​Make your own beer: homebrewing

Posted by Vivian on 16th Mar 2021

Make your own beer: homebrewing explained!

Preparing your own home-made beer is a multi-stage process that is really easy and doesn’t require much knowledge and experience. Following several simple steps, you can brew beer without any obstacles at home. If you are a fan of beer and like spending free time in a creative way, make home brewing your new hobby. Read our article to learn what is needed in order to produce beer at home and discover how to do it!

Step one: prepare utensils

If you have never produced any alcoholic drink at home, you will need to buy a few accessories that are necessary for home brewing. You can go for one of the complete brewing kits which are available on the market or buy parts separately. Your set should include: primary fermenter with a lid, bottling bucket, airlock, siphon, multimeter, bottlebrush and twin lever bottle capper. Once you get the equipment, remember to wash it thoroughly and properly sanitize! If you are completely new to home brewing, a recipe book can also be handy. Many recipes for different kinds of beer can also be found online.

Step two: focus on ingredients

When your brewing kit is ready, find a beer recipe that you want to follow. Carefully study the list of ingredients and collect them. In order to produce home-made beer, you will normally need: hops, grains, malt extracts, yeast and water. The ingredients may vary in price and quality. If you want to be satisfied with your beer, opt for products provided by sellers who specialize in home brewing. All necessary ingredients can be found online so that you don’t have to look for them in local shops.

Step three: proceed to homebrewing

Now you can start brewing! Fill a brew kettle with water and other ingredients as described in the recipe. Bring the kettle to boil to obtain wort. Cool it quickly in an ice bath and pour into a fermenter. Then add more water and yeast, and seal the fermenter. Add an airlock. Store in a cool and dark place, preferably for at least two weeks.

Step four: bottle beer

The next step is bottling. Once the fermentation is complete, you can pour the beer into bottles. To do it efficiently, use a transfer hose. Fill the bottles and cap them. Store beer for at least two weeks at room temperature. Enjoy your home made beer!