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The best fruits for home-made wine

The best fruits for home-made wine

Posted by Vivian on 22nd Mar 2021

The best fruits for home-made wine

Wine that we all buy in the shops is usually made of grapes. However, while making your own home-made wine, you can use also use some other types of fruits. This way you can experiment with flavours and create a beverage that will meet all your expectations. In today’s blog post we will focus on the most popular types of fruits that you can use and mix in order to get different types of wine.

Fruit wines

To prepare wine at home you will need a big amount of fruit and a bunch of other ingredients including calcium carbonate, tannins, potassium sorbate, sulphur dioxide and sugar. You can also add some aromatic flowers and herbs to intensify the flavour of your composition. Although the process of wine production is similar to cider and mead making, these two beverages are excluded from the definition of fruit wine.

Types of fruits used in winemaking

Although most wine is made from white and red grapes, there is also a huge variety of wines produced from other types of fruits. Some of them can be found in shops while others, less popular, can only be made at home.


Grapes are used in wine production because they allow fast and clean fermentation. They are easy to process and their flavour can be easily adjusted to the needs of the drinker through the addition of other ingredients.


Blackberries are also a popular choice among all wine-makers. They can be used to prepare flavourful red wine. To make them less intensive, they can be mixed with apples or pears.


They can be used for sweet, semi-dry and dry wine. They offer a full-fruit flavour that amazes with its aroma. Furthermore, they are usually fortified with extra alcohol to create a thick liqueur-style wine.


These fruits are the best choice if you are a fan of white wine. Although using them can make a huge mess in the kitchen, the flavour of the wine is amazing and its full body as well as delicate fruit aroma are a perfect compensation.


These tiny fruits offer a delicious fruity flavour. They can be used as the main ingredient of the wine or as an additive to other kinds of wine. They improve the colour of the beverage and add pleasant, fruity aroma.


Strawberries offer a characteristic taste which many wine lovers adore. They make wine look stunning, creating a wonderful pink beverage. The production of wine from strawberries is easy but takes a lot of time, even up to one year.


This may be surprising, but we are also able to produce wine from vegetables! The best example is rhubarb, a perennial plant with a strong, tart taste. It can be used to produce both dry and sweet wine. The process of fermentation and maturing in this case can take up to four years!

We have presented the list of the most popular fruits that you can use for making your own wine. However, the list remains open. Just be creative and experiment with flavours!