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  • Cheesemaking kit, set, young cheesemaker

    Cheese making Kit - Young Cheesemaker

    Learn how to make gouda cheese at home with our cheesemaking starter kit! All you Making cheese at home has never been so simple! The kit contains: rennet, calcium chloride, cheesecloth, herbs, thermometer, recipes, cheese form. Fill your house with...

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  • cheese mould shape 16x16

    ​Round cheese mould, 16x16x16.5 cm, 1000 g

    The round cheese mould will allow you to make as much as 1 kg of delicious homemade cheese at once! It is essential if you want to make big cylinder-shaped curd cheese. It is perfect for all types of cheese, especially soft and and semi-soft. The sides...

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  • ​Liquid microbial rennet VEGE

    ​Liquid microbial rennet VEGE PLUS 50ml

    The liquid microbial rennet VEGE PLUS is a must have if you want to make cheese on your own. The product contains a set of different enzymes that are used to separate milk into liquid whey and solid curds. The microbial rennet in 100% vegan. It is made...

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  • knife for cheese and cakes, cake spatula

    ​Kitchen knife for cheese, cake cutting 30 cm

    The kitchen knife for cheese cutting is something each and every cheese lover should have in their kitchen! This 30 cm long cheese knife is made of durable stainless steel that offers a precise cut. The ultra-sharp blade can easily cut all types of...

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  • liquid rennet for cheese making

    Liquid microbial rennet for cheese production 50ml

    The liquid microbial rennet is used for cheesemaking. It is a complex set of different enzymes that separate milk into liquid whey and solid curds. The microbial rennet can help you produce high quality cheeses based on animal milk, e.g. cow or goat milk...

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  • Salt meter, salinity tester, tester, salt test

    Salt meter, salinity tester

    The salt meter is used to determine the level of salt in brine. It is very useful if you prepare homemade preserves, diary and cured meat. The salt meter will allow you to control the level of salt so the food is not too salty. The 2-piece set made of...

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  • cheesecloth 50 x  50 cheesecloth 50 by 50

    Square cheesecloth 50x50cm 2 pcs.

    The square cheese cloth is a functional kitchen gadget that facilitates homemade cheese production. It is made of washable and reusable polythene fabric that is both elastic and sturdy. The structure of cloth with multiple holes provides easy evacuation...

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  • Square cheese mould form, 11x11x8,5cm, for 500 g Square cheese mould, 11x11x8,5cm, for 500 g

    Square cheese mould, 11x11x8,5cm, for 500 g

    The square cheese mould is a great tool if you want to prepare cheese at home. Thanks to its large rectangular size, it is suitable for such kinds of cheese as feta, ricotta or cottage cheese. The mould is made with durable plastic which has been...

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  • rennet for cheese production 5x1g

    Rennet for Cheese Production 5x1g (Dried)

    The cheese rennet is one of the most important ingredients needed in order to make cheese. It contains enzymes that are responsible for the separation of milk into curd and liquid whey. With the cheese rennet you can prepare high quality cheese in...

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  • Cheese mould, form for 500g

    Round cheese mould, 13x13x7cm, 500g

    The round cheese mould is a useful kitchen gadget that will surely meet the expectation of all cheese lovers. You can use it to produce different kinds of cheese, e.g., mozzarella, ricotta, cream cheese or cottage cheese. It offers a capacity of 500...

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  • calcium chloride for cheesemaking

    Calcium Chloride for Cheesemaking 10g

    Calcium chloride is an essential ingredient used in cheesemaking. It is intended for cheeses made from homogenized, pasteurized and frozen milk. Derived from the combination of lactic acid and stearic acid, calcium chloride facilitates making hard cheese...

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  • round cheese mould small cheese mould

    ​Round cheese mould, 10x10x5.5 cm 250 g

    The round cheese mould is essential if you want to make cheese on your own. It is perfect for soft and semi-soft cheeses such as mozzarella, brie, ricotta, camembert, cream cheese and cottage cheese. The size of the tool allows you to produce about 250 g...

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