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Curing, Pickling - Nitrite salt 1 kg

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Smoke and Pork Curing / Nitrite salt is used to preserve meat and give it distinctive pink colour. It is an indispensable kitchen ingredient used by all fans of home cooking. Pickling nitrite salt will allow you to prepare delicious homemade hams, bacon and jerky. The curing salt slows down growth of germs in meat, steaks, roasts, sausages, salamis, pastrami, poultry and fish. The salt is sold in 1 kg / 35.27 oz. packs. The product contains around 0.5%-0,6% of sodium nitrate, which is generally used for dry or  wet-curing.

NOTE: The product is not intended for direct consumption (cannot be used as table salt)

Product details:

  • Salt for dry and wet-curing
  • Ideal composition of sodium chloride and sodium nitrite
  • Big 1000 g/ 1 kg pack
  • Adds pink colour to cured meat 
  • Easy to use
  • ingredients: Salt NaCI 99%, sodium Nitrite NaNO2 (E 250), Anti-caking agent (E536)

How to use curing salt?

Curing salt can be used with different kinds of meat and fish. There are hundreds of recipes that can inspire you. Simply choose the one that you like and follow the steps. The recipe will tell how much salt is needed and how long the food of your choice should be exposed to it.

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