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  • 25l stoneware, claypot 25l stoneware, claypot with water seal

    25l Stoneware barrel clay pot with water seal

    The barrel clay pot with a lid features classic design that relates to old times. With a capacity of 25 litres, this stoneware kitchen pot is ideal for storing food and fermenting. The rim of the pot has a characteristic grooved shape. When filled with...

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  • Stainless steel meat mincer grinder stuffer size #8 high quality

    Stainless steel meat grinder size #8 small

    The high quality stainless steel meat mincer by KING Hoff is a multifunctional kitchen machine that enables you to grind meat to the desired consistency. Depending on your preferences, you can use it for pork, lamb, chicken or fish. It is also good for...

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  • cast iron hunting pot hunting pot 7l

    Cast Iron Hunting Pot with Lid 7L

    The hunting pot is a perfect solution for outdoor family celebrations and other fresh air events. It is made of high quality durable cast iron that can be exposed to fire without damage. The capacity of the pot is 7 litres so you can prepare dinner for...

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  • hunting cast iron pot cast iron pot

    ​Hunting pot Safari 7l cast iron

    The hunting pot, knows also as a potjie, is a heavy cast iron pot that you can use to process up to 7 litres of delicious food. The pot offers cooking, roasting, stewing, frying and baking. You can use it everywhere you want – all you need to do is...

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  • 10l Stainless steel steam juicer

    10l Stainless steel steam juicer

    The steam juicer is a great solution to enjoy homemade fruit or vegetable juice that is free from preservatives and high-fructose corn syrup. The pot is made of high-quality temperature-resistant stainless steel that is easy to clean. It can be washed in...

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  • Manual Pasta Maker Machine, Pasta Maker with accessories

    Manual Pasta Maker Machine with accessories

    The pasta maker machine will allow you to make perfect home-made noodles. Made of sturdy stainless steel, this ultra-useful kitchen tool is highly effective and safe to use. All the materials used in the production of the machine are approved for food...

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  • food dehydrator dryer fruit dryer dehydrator

    Food Dehydrator Machine - Dryer, 240W

    The food dehydrator allows you to prepare healthy and nutritious snacks. You can use it to make homemade dried fruits, vegetables, mushrooms, spices and jerky without preservatives and other types of unnecessary additives. The device consists of five...

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  • 8l steam fruit juicer

    8l Stainless steel steam juicer

    The 8-litre steam juicer is a perfect choice for all those who value healthy products based on natural ingredients. It is made of durable stainless steel. The material is temperature and tension-resistant and therefore can be used to produce homemade...

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  • Cast iron Fondue pot set  Ø17x 1Ocm

    Cast iron Fondue set Ø17x 1Ocm

    The fondue set is an ideal gift idea for every fan of chocolate and cheese. These set made of sturdy cast iron can be used by 6 people at once. The set includes: a cast iron stand, a cast iron Dutch oven (pot), a burner with a lid, 6 special forks made...

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