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Multimeter - hydrometer with sugar and potential alcohol scale - plastic tube

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  • multimeter sugar meter hydrometer with potential alcohol scale plastic tube
  • multimeter sugar meter hydrometer
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The multimeter is a compact, yet multi-purpose hydrometer with two scales: for measuring sugar and alcohol content in wine and beer. It can be used to determine the concentration of sugar in g/l or Baling degrees and to estimate the percentage of the potential alcohol content. The scale is marked with colours that point to the level of sugar concentration in different kinds of wine and beer. The set includes a float hydrometer with two scales and a plastic test tube that facilitates measurements. 

Product details:

  • Two scales
  • Used to determine sugar and alcohol content
  • Made of safe materials
  • Complete 2 pcs. set
  • Made for wine and beer measurements

How to use the multimeter?

Fill the test tube with the liquid, e.g., wine or beer, and place the float inside. Let it stabilize. Read what the alcohol and sugar content is. Remember that the float should not touch the tube. The multimeter gives precise results in 20 °C. One degree in Balling scale (1°Blg) corresponds to approx. 10 g of sugar in 1l of must.

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  • 5
    Quality and ease of use

    Very easy to read , any brewer would be lost without one of these , it’s a must buy

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