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Natural Sheep Casings skins 18/20mm 15m, intestines

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The natural sheep casings are perfect for making thin sausages. You can use them to produce delicious homemade frankfurters, hot dogs and snack stick sausages. The casings can undergo heat treatment so you can boil and roast them as you like. They are also suitable for freezing. The natural sheep casings do not affect the flavour of the filling. They should be stored in a dark and cool area. You can put them in the fridge to preserve until you are ready to prepare your sausages. The casings can be also frozen. On average, about 4.5 m of the casing is sufficient for 1 kg of meat filling.
  • Note: Some batches of sheep intestines have a stronger natural smell than usually, but this has no effect on their quality.
Product details:
  • Dimensions: diameter: 18/20 mm, length: 15 m
  • Made of natural sheep guts
  • Perfect for thin sausages
  • Can be boiled, roasted, fried and frozen
  • Packaging contains casings in pieces of total length up to 15 m.
  • 100% edible
How to use the natural sheep casings?
Soak the sheep casings in water at 30°C for about 20 minutes to make them more flexible. Stuff the meat through the casing and divide into smaller sausages. You can use sausage stuffer to help you. Put the sausages in the oven or roast them. Your sausages are ready to eat!


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    jedna paczka zdarzyla sie popekana...(jelita)reszta w dobrym stanie

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    Sheep casing

    Very good quality

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