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Plastic funnel No. 8 for sausage stuffing 1 pc.

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The number 8 sausage stuffing funnel is made of high-quality food-grade plastic, which makes it durable, strong and safe. It is intended for stuffing pork and beef intestines, as well as collagen casings. The funnel has a vent groove, which makes stuffing much easier. It is light and very easy to keep clean.

Product details:

  • material - plastic,
  • length - 15 cm,
  • outlet outer diameter - 25 mm,
  • outer diameter of the collar - 65 mm,

How to use plastic sausage funnel No. 8?

When using a conventional meat grinder, you need to insert the auger into the body to attach the funnel. Then put the knife back in place, but without putting on the knife first. Then put on the funnel, tighten the nut and finally fit the crank with the nut.

Then you can start using the funnel and preparing sausages and meat products. The funnel will be perfect for stuffing various types of intestines with a diameter of more than 2 cm. All this makes the plastic funnel No. 5 universal, and it can be used for both traditional and electric devices.

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