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  • 4 thermometer probes 3.5mm mini jack thermometer probes

    4 x thermometer, temperature probes 3.5mm plug

    The probe for food thermometers. It is compatible with B-Therm wireless thermometer and other thermometers with 3.5mm slot. The probe is in the form of a sharp needle with a wire that can be connected to the thermometer through 3.5mm slot. You can use is...

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  • wireless cooking thermometer preset

    Wireless Cooking Thermometer -50°C...+300°C

    The food thermometer with a big display is a cooking gadget that will help you save energy and provide you with tender and well prepared meat. The thermometer has pre-programmed functions that facilitate temperature control while cooking. It is intended...

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  • Electronic  pin probe cooking thermometer

    Electronic Pin Probe food thermometer -50 to 200 °C

    The kitchen thermometer is a versatile kitchen gadget that is useful in everyday cooking. It is an essential item that should be found in each restaurant and household. This electronic thermometer is equipped with an LCD display that shows temperature in...

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  • roasting cooking thermometer 0-300C

    Roasting / BBQ thermometer 0-300 ° C

    A thermometer is used to check the temperature of food during baking and cooking. Product is made of high quality stainless steel and high temperature resistant glass. The probe cover ensures safe use and storage. The dial has an indicator for...

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  • ​Roasting thermometer black

    ​Roasting thermometer 0-250 ° C

    The roasting thermometer will allow you to enjoy the perfect meat experience. Use it to monitor the heat of roasted dishes. The roasting thermometer is made of heat-proof stainless steel and high-resistance glass. It is analogue and does not need battery...

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  • smoker thermometer for instalation

    BBQ Smoker Thermometer, 0°C + 250°C

    The BBQ smoker thermometer is a real must-have if you use smoking chamber or barbecue. It is useful to control the process of meat preparation. The thermometer has clearly visible smoke and barbecue zones that are marked with different colours. The tool...

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  • oven thermometer thermometer to place in oven

    ​Oven thermometer, +50°C +300°C

    The oven thermometer is a reliable kitchen tool that facilitates cooking. It shows true inside oven temperature and ensures safe food preparation. It is particularly useful in case of old-type gas ovens that don't show the exact heating temperature. The...

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  • Replacement, Spare food thermometer probe 1.5 m 185609, 185800B, 185800W, 185900, 185909

    Replacement, Spare food thermometer probe 1.5 m

    Our replacement food thermometer probe is one of the most common spare parts for our food thermometers. It is compatible with food thermometer with the following SKU numbers: 185609, 185800B, 185800W, 185900, 185909. It is easy to replace and works...

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  • cooking thermometer 0-120 food thermometer

    ​Meat roasting & cooking thermometer, 0°C +120°C

    The meat roasting thermometer is something you need to have in your kitchen! It is a very useful tool for precise temperature control for all meat types. It features an in-built analogue mechanism that does not need battery to work. The tool indicates...

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