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Wood Chips Wholesale

The top-quality and unique taste of smoked food

Smoking is a well-known and effective way of preserving food. At the same time, it provides a distinctive taste and aroma to food, which is appreciated by connoisseurs and individual consumers. At Smoke and Pork, we supply certified wood chips for exceptional food quality. Our wood chips can be used not only for smoking but also for barbecuing. Take a look at our extensive range of smoke woodchips to ensure that you get a special quality, colour and texture from your food.


Why choose our woodchips?

The wood chips available in our range are subject to continuous quality control by our partner . The manufacturing process is ISO 9001:2008 certified. This certificate is awarded to those producers whose quality management system meets the highest European standards. In addition to this, the raw materials used for the production of smoke chips are carefully selected. The wood used for processing meets the stringent PN-91/D-95018 and PN-92/D-95008 standards, thus ensuring that our customers receive a top-quality product.

How do we ensure the quality of our smoke chips?

We do not only want our products to guarantee the highest quality and taste of meals. We also take care of health and safety when using Smoke and Pork wood chips for smoking. They are dried at a temperature that removes all micro-organisms, bacteria and mould spores that are present in the raw wood, and which could enter the food. The moisture level in the final product is kept at 10% (+/- 2%). In addition, all types of smoking chips available in our shop have a positive opinion of the Institute of Meat and Fat Industry and the National Sanitary Inspection. Therefore, they can be safely used for food processing.

What types of wood chips can you find in our offer?

We offer a wide range of smoking chips made from different types of wood. They are characterised by a different intensity of aroma and the final colour of the smoked food. Additionally, we offer a choice of wood chips sizes – the following types are available in our shop:

  • CL10 (6-12 mm)

  • CL08 (4-8 mm)

  • CL02 (1-3 mm).

Smaller sizes work well in garden and automatic smokehouses. Larger ones, on the other hand, have a longer pride release time and are therefore better suited to so-called balcony smokers.

Beech wood chips

Beech wood gives dishes a light brown or lemon colour. The smoke from beech wood chips is mild and suits delicate dishes such as: poultry, fish, seafood.

Beech wood chips make the smoked meat tender and have an intense smoky note.

Wood chips Alder

Alder is a popular tree species that are suitable for smoking most types of meat, especially red meat. It gives a light brown to gold colour to dishes. The smoke from alder chips is clean and free from harmful tarry substances. Thanks to alder wood chips, the taste of food has a delicately sweet note.

Oak Wood Chips

Oak is a versatile smoking material that goes well with poultry, fish and beef. In addition, it is ideal for cheeses as it imparts a strong smoky flavour to the food. It can also give a delicate honey aftertaste with a mild bitterness. The oak chips give dishes a dark brown to dark yellow colouring.

Cherry wood chips

Cherry wood gives a mild smoke during smoking which gives dishes a delicate flavour. Cherry wood smoke chips are especially recommended for poultry meat. They give the meat a subtly sweet flavour with a mildly bitter note and colour smoked products dark brown.

Apple wood chips

Apple wood chips give a similar effect to cherry wood chips. However, the smoke is devoid of bitter notes and penetrates the meat in a more fruity form with a sweet aftertaste. Apple wood chips for smoking also work best with poultry and fish and give the skin a dark brown, glossy colour.

Plum wood chips

Plum wood works best for smoking delicate meats such as fish and poultry. It gives dishes a beautiful golden colour and a mild fruity aroma. Meat smoked with plum wood chips develops a delicate sweet flavour with a smoky note. Plum wood for smoking is also much appreciated by cheese connoisseurs as it gives cheeses a unique aroma.

Maple wood chips

Maple wood for smoking is excellent not only for meats but also for cheeses. It gives dishes a sweet flavour, which is also great for smoking various types of ham. A unique advantage of maple wood smoking chips is their ability to complement the natural flavours of foods without dampening them. Smoking with maple shavings gives meat and cheese a golden yellow colour.

Working with Smoke and Pork – quality and satisfaction

All our smoking chips are very low dust content and 100% organic. They contain no dyes or preservatives. Our wood chips for smoking are available as a wholesale offer. We supply the chosen size of wood chips in packs containing an average of 15 kg. The purchase of larger quantities is possible by ordering bags or pallets. We encourage you to contact us directly at We will be happy to answer any questions or doubts. Write to us if you wish to receive an individual quotation depending on the type and size of your order. We flexibly adjust to the needs of our customers and we will be happy to meet your requirements.