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Wood dust for cold smoking - Beech 3 L

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Beech wood dust for smoking in 3L bags can be used with cold smoke generators and traditional smokehouses. The dust produce bright golden colour smoke that complements poultry, fish and seafood. You can also use dust with BBQ. You can mix it with other types of wood dust to slightly change the taste of smoked food. 

Product details:

  • delivered in 3L bags
  • Made of Beech tree
  • Perfect for poultry, fish and seafood
  • Compatible with most cold smoke generators / trays
  • Free from chemical additives

How to use the Beech wood dust for food smoking?

The beech wood dust for food smoking can be used with different types of smoke generators. Ignite the wood dust using a lighter, match, tea candle or blowtorch, and let the smoke flow to the smoker racks with meat or fish.

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